kim k


digital artist

Album/CD Cover Art

With my extensive experience with Photoshop and Graphic Design, I can create exactly what you want for your upcoming music album or cd. Want something simple?...or maybe more unique and elaborate. What's the mood of your music...happy, fun, dark, uplifting, moody, political?


I can create something unique for you

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Start with a stock image below!

Below are some stock images of mine that are available for use in any design.


Options include:

Royalty Free usage - I provide the full size image as is, and you add your own logo/text off site. [$30 per image]


Basic Customizing - I will add your logo and/or text to the stock image. (does not include any other customizing such as track list, liner notes, etc.) [$50 per image]


Full Stock Customizing - You pick one of my stock images as a starting point, then I will create a complete piece based on the design template from your CD duplicating service. [starts at $150 for basic 2-sided insert]


Images added regularly!!